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April 2021

We have just installed a new 2021 Mobile Responsive Template on our 6 websites (see sister sites at the bottom of the page). We have done this so that our websites are suitable for use on high-end mobile smartphones, tablets and on legacy desktops. Mobile responsive pages automatically flex and rearrange themselves according to the screen size of the device accessing the pages. If you are viewing our pages on a smartphone or tablet, try changing from vertical to horizontal orientation and you will see the webpages changing format.

I have taken the opportunity to reorganise some directories and standardise some file names so that this site will conform with the directory structures of the other sites. I have tried to redirect files where possible, however the changes I made in the photo gallery on this site were quite dramatic and difficult to automatically redirect.

Click on one of the links that says "Photo Gallery" and you should find the file you were looking for.

Sorry for the disruption but technological progress and change requires some sacrifice.

We have made dramatic changes to the 6 sites to refresh them for 2021. The changes include installing the new mobile responsive template and we have changed to https SSL secured websites.

The sites had been neglected for quite some time as I was pursuing other activities and I took my eye of the ball so to speak. Technology changed and the sites suffered because of the lack of attention and lack of maintenance.

There is still further work required and this work is being carried out as quickly as possible.
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