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Kaikoura Pictures

Kaikoura Snow Capped

This is a shot taken from the Esplanade in Kaikoura, looking out over the bay and on to the Kaikoura seaward mountain range. The coastal highway north and south of Kaikoura hugs the shoreline with the mountains raising steeply along the route. Picture and commentary, Copyright - Linda Izard

Kaikoura cliff top walkway

This walkway follows the cliff top above the shoreline on the Kaikoura peninsula. Historically the site was used by whalers as a lookout for the whales which were extensively hunted in the offshore waters.  The walkway provides for stunning views of both the Kaikoura mountain ranges with the town of Kaikoura nestled along the bay, as well as the scenic South Bay area and the coast running south toward Christchurch. Picture and commentary, Copyright - Linda Izard

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